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Benefits of Raw Dog Food

Your pet is your family,
and you want them
to live a long, happy, and healthy life

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Processed pet food is linked to a wide range of poor health conditions, including diabetes, obesity, arthritis, IBS, and more.

When pets are fed an imbalanced diet filled with unnecessary ingredients that are hard to digest, their health pays the price. They are more likely to suffer from ailments that can easily be corrected with a healthy, balanced diet based on their ancestral genetics. 

Raw dog food provides the unique blend of protein, nutrients, fats, and minerals your pet needs to live a long, healthy life. And as their health improves, you’ll spend less money on expensive and stressful vet visits.

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Your Pet Deserves the Best

And you deserve an affordable solution to improving your pet’s health

Many people think feeding a raw food diet is too expensive and costs way more than feeding processed pet food. However, when you feed a balanced diet filled with nutrients that your pet can absorb, you use less.

In Canada, around 30% of dogs are considered obese with 45% weighing more than they should. And these alarming statistics are linked to well-intentioned pet owners feeding their beloved animals processed food filled with undigestible carbohydrates and filler ingredients that lead to weight gain. So you are quite literally wasting your money on food that is being passed through your pet’s system. 

With our raw food, your pet will eat less but receive more natural minerals and nutrients. This will contribute to a healthier weight, a shinier coat, and a stronger digestive and immune system.

Premium Meat

All of our meat is 100% Canadian and human grade. We source our meat from some of the top suppliers in Canada, so you’ll get the same quality of meat for your pet that you purchase at the grocery store.

Safe Manufacturing Process

Our facility is HACCP/GMP certified and undergoes strict quality control processes, including regular inspections & testing. You get peace of mind knowing your pet’s food is always safe, healthy, and nutritious.

Backed by a Certified Pet Nutrionalist

The right nutrition can extend your pet’s life, give them more energy, and keep them happier. Our blends and products are backed by a certified animal nutritionist who understands the unique dietary needs of your pet.

No Preservatives, Hormones, or Antibiotics

Our meat is free from additives, preservatives, artificial flavours, hormones, and antibiotics. So your pet only receives the nutrients they need without any extra fillers or harmful ingredients.

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