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The Complete K9 (Family Meats) will continue to use raw products from licensed and inspected facilities. Through our new partnership, our products are now manufactured in a human-grade and inspected facility.

We’re still using many of the same suppliers. In addition, the grinder plate sizes we’ve used in the past has remained the same. You can expect the same product consistency and texture you experienced before.

We’ve introduced new packaging which includes 1lb “tubes” in a 40lb box. This will make transport and storage much more convenient for our customers! The product will also stay fresh for longer in your freezer.

For now, we’re offering the Ultimate Chicken, Ultimate Chicken/Beef, Ultimate Turkey, Ultimate Turkey/Beef, Ultimate Duck (coming soon), Ultimate Duck/Beef (coming soon) and a variety of beef bones and poultry necks. Over the next few months, we’ll continue to build up our product listing.

Family Meats offers the products for purchase directly from their storefront in Ponoka (5710 49 Street Ponoka, Alberta). We also offer Door-Step delivery to towns and cities along Highway 2 between Edmonton and Calgary!  Click the “Delivery Information” tab for full details. 

You can order directly from our website, from one of our retailers, or from our store in Ponoka.