Raw Pet Food

Get your pet’s health back on track with our premium raw pet food options. Our orders are available in 10lbs and 40lbs boxes and are delivered frozen. All of our products are 100% Canadian with no preservatives, fillers, or harmful ingredients.

For bulk orders of 10 boxes or more, get 10% off your total price

(available for 40lbs boxes only)!


Offers a complete and balanced diet, containing all the nutrients and minerals your pet needs and does not require supplements. For best results, feed multiple proteins to ensure nutritional coverage.


Makes a great addition to a balanced diet or as an ingredient for those that balance their own meals.


Ideal for pet owners who wish to balance their own pet’s diet with our ground chicken and turkey products. As a multivitamin, our muscle and organ meat should only be fed in moderation and as a supplement.

Bones &

Edible & Recreational

We have a wide selection of edible and recreational bones that provide essential nutrients, help keep your pet’s teeth clean, and provides important stimulation—they’re especially handy for bad weather days!

New Products!


for Human Consumption

Pet parents deserve to be spoiled too! We’re providing the same great savings on our ground beef for human consumption. Sourced from responsible Canadian farms, our ground is 100% organic. Priced at only $4 per lb, you won’t find savings on premium meat like this anywhere else!

Raw, Fermented
Goat Milk

Goat milk provides many nutritious benefits to dogs and cats. It helps to improve digestion while helping your pet restore and rebuild good gut bacteria. It’s also used to treat diabetes, diarrhea, and malnutrition. Plus, pets love the taste!

Not sure which option is best for your pup?

Get a FREE diet analysis from our certified pet nutritionist!

Get a Free Diet Analysis for Your Pet

Confused about which option is the best for your pet? Our certified pet nutritionist will perform a free diet analysis on your dog, so you can feel confident knowing your pet is receiving a balanced, wholesome diet. Fill out the form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!