Feeding Guidelines

Your pet's specific needs will vary based on age, activity, breed, health and metabolism. All of these factors will contribute to the type and amount of food that will best maintain their optimal health. The best indication of correct feeding amounts is your pet's body condition.

Recommended Feeding Guideline

The recommended feeding guideline is 1-3% of ideal ADULT body weight per day, based primarily on your pet’s activity level:

  • Low-Moderate (1-1.5%):
    Pets who are less active/not active or have weight issues. We recommend feeding our Ultimate Turkey and/or Ultimate Salmon products.

  • Moderate-High (2%)
    Average/active pets. This is a good percentage to maintain weight. Any of our Ultimate Performance products would be suitable, and you can rotate the products you feed.

  • High (3%)
    Active/high energy working pets or pets who need to gain weight.  We recommend our Ultimate Chicken/Beef, Ultimate Turkey/Beef, and/or Ultimate Chicken, as these are higher-fat blends.

Special Considerations

  • Puppies need to be fed based on their expected ideal ADULT body weight.
  • These percentages are approximate, and the amount required will vary from pet to pet. Please watch your pet’s body condition, as this will tell you if they are eating too much or not enough.
  • Our percentages are slightly less than some recommendations. This is because our products do not contain fruits and vegetables, which are not required for a healthy diet.

Still Not Sure Where to Start?

Try our free raw feeding calculator!