We’re All Dog Lovers Here

We understand the unique and fulfilling bond you have with your pet. And we strive to safeguard your pet’s health, so you can have more happy years with them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help pet parents transition their pets into healthier, safer, and more balanced diets while also bringing awareness to the dangers of feeding processed pet food.

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize the pet food industry and decrease the amount of sick, obese, and lethargic pets through quality raw food diets, accurate information, and affordable prices.

Humble Beginnings

The Complete K9 started when owners Don and Colleen sought out a healthier diet for their own dogs. Discouraged by the steep prices in the raw dog food industry, they started to prepare their own raw feed and noticed incredible improvements in their pets. Very soon, friends and family asked them to prepare meals for their dogs. And as word spread, they started to fill more and more orders.

As the demand grew and more pet parents experienced our high-quality meat at an affordable rate, The Complete K9 continued to grow. We went from performing small deliveries to completing over 900 monthly deliveries in Alberta and were partnered with distributors across Canada. Our customers were surprised to see how quickly our products improved their pet’s health. 

And then in the spring of 2022, tragedy struck. After experiencing a facility fire, we lost everything. While we are beyond thankful and blessed that no team members or pets were harmed in the fire, it was a heartbreaking moment. However, as true Albertans, we didn’t let tragedy define us. We went back to the drawing board and discovered a solution to serve all of our loyal and new customers even better than before.

A New Partnership

In the wake of our facility fire, we’ve partnered with Family Meats, a trusted and established Alberta meat production facility. Like us, they have a strong commitment to upholding family values, always delivering on quality, and providing safe products. As a HACCP-certified facility, they perform regular testing and inspections on all of their products and equipment. 

This new partnership means we can continue to offer premium meat products at an affordable rate, so you can continue to get the quality you expect without breaking your budget.